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We have gained expertise over the years in delivering complex and critical projects on Java with utmost perfection and have adhered to the industry’s best practices.

We offer full cycle Java Application Development, maintenance and support, product development and entire web service management for sectors like healthcare, finance retail, telecommunication, etc. our clients enjoy benefits like reliability, high scalability, large-scale system development, and test-driven development to address most sophisticated business requirements.

Our technical expertise provides full maintenance support of Java application and website.

We provide migration of traditional web platforms to latest Java Technology for increasing security, speed, reliability and cross platform capabilities.

We help our clients build rich websites with Java CMS that can be developed at a quick pace.

Dot Net

E-Giants is a .NET application development services provider, offering a wide range high-end programming services. We cater top of the line software solutions in various industrial markets and domains, including finance, IT, healthcare, tourism and insurance. With our pool of developers, thinkers and technology experts, we guarantee best-performing .NET solutions to meet your strategic goals at competitive pricing.

Communication skills of our developers enable them to handle lengthy project discussions and find satisfactory resolutions to clients' concerns. The programmers implement the latest software development tools and protocols to craft the most efficient software

With their problem-solving abilities, our developers easily resolve all kinds of development-related issues. Our developers always undertake their development projects with a logical approach while deploying their creative mind at work. We're committed to maintain our reputation among clients along the trend of 100% client retention by delivering most advanced and future-ready software. The development done by our experienced coders is always compatible with the budget of clients.


E-Giants provides an effective network security strategy, to protect the integrity and usability of your data and network. Our network consultants will help you develop a forward-looking strategy for your future network by identifying any gaps that are inhibiting your SDN deployment, determining overall automation needs, defining an orchestration strategy and developing a roadmap.

We provide a full lifecycle of networking services that integrate leading SDN technologies for minimal business disruption. Our services for SDN include high-level architecture; a functional and specified design; hardware and software procurement; building, validation and testing in limited production; and deployment and integration in a full production environment, operational validation and staffing.

We’ll help you dynamically optimize and manage your networking environment by implementing automation and analytics to support a predictable, consistent environment, increased network performance and enhanced user experience.

Our network consultants can provide unbiased advice and serve as your trusted advisors and facilitators, working face-to-face with you to develop customized solutions based on standard methodologies, proven tools and techniques.


E-Giants data professionals bring sophisticated data solutions that encapsulate complex services in accessible components that can significantly extend the company’s data capabilities. E-Giants has built a robust set of Big Data services that caters to customer needs.

Our team leverages modern cloud analytic technologies, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to develop data warehousing, advanced analytics and machine learning applications that are both powerful and cost-effective.

Our consultants have a broad range of expertise across data and system architecture, data integration, exploration and visualization, descriptive analytics, data science, predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI.

We work across a variety of use cases and industries: from data warehouse and query offload of medical billing data to advanced analytics and fraud detection for payment processing and money transfer applications. We work with organizations already using Hadoop and related tools, but we also help companies new to Big Data, identifying potential high value projects, and providing the guidance and technical expertise to make their initiatives successful. Our big data consulting services range from evaluation, optimization, to technology recommendations and strategy.

Cloud Services

Our solutions deliver powerful and reliable features and functionality to help you avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss.

Cloud environments have not only revolutionized IT, but how businesses operate. Embracing cloud computing solutions can be challenging. We are positioned to help you define and implement smart cloud software strategy and optimize your cloud environment. Our cloud computing specialists focus on reducing risk and decreasing total cost of ownership by combining infrastructure management services with secure cloud practices.

we also can provide integrated solutions that complement technical cloud work. For instance, our change management services help businesses manage the process and workforce changes that come with moving to the cloud.

Finally, we offer a full range of support for leading-edge technologies such as Big Data. We have helped companies develop everything from small proof of concepts to full production implementations allowing them to innovate quicker and cheaper by leveraging the cloud.


We as a Team DevOps team perform an end-to-end analysis of your IT processes and software infrastructure to find every tentative block that prevents the successful execution of your software strategy.

We present possible DevOps solutions to your IT issues on the budget and timeframe before the implementation of the solution.

We DevOps can tackle any problem related to your software infrastructure, set up a continuous delivery in line with your business objectives and corporate culture, organize a clear release management process, and more.

The implementation of a DevOps solution is a complex challenge. We provide support until your software delivery works like clockwork, defining the timeframe for support before we get started.


Our business process competency and technical capability with respect to Salesforce platforms can ensure that you achieve real, transformative, and significant business results. We have successfully implemented solutions that incorporate multiple Salesforce clouds. Our key success factors in Salesforce implementation have been better strategic assessment, enterprise cloud computing capability, agility and delivery speed.

Our objective is to be innovative in transforming your sales, marketing, customer service and commerce cloud strategy with the combined strength of our technological expertise along with the world’s #1 CRM solution–Salesforce. We can help you accelerate digital transformation and CRM transformation initiatives using the Salesforce platform for higher performance and customer-centric business value.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, such as sales force automation, customer service and support, marketing automation, digital commerce, community management, analytics, application development, IoT integration, collaborative productivity tools and professional cloud services. The company enables industries and companies of all sizes to connect their customers using cloud, social, mobile and data science technologies. It also encourages third parties to develop additional functionality and new apps that run on its platform and other developer tools.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is any systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements.

Our QA services will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every stage of development, and give you accurate product quality information. Our experts have been using the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation for the world’s largest enterprises. QA services will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle.


We want to build your product with a team that establishes a clear design process, meets deadlines, and delivers a spot-on end result?. Our design team will help you build an engaging product easily and quickly . choose our services to realise your product idea properly, and experience our work to design standards that will help us deliver your product quicker, without loss in quality.

Our team has created different types of apps and software systems for all major industries. Your final product will be equally beautiful and easy-to-use across all platforms.

To ensure high quality and timely delivery of your product, we have created a set of standards to follow. We use design systems, perform comprehensive design reviews, re-use the most impactful practices and tools, and constantly mentor our designers.

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